Maldives alluring barefoot sandals in white

Maldives alluring barefoot sandals in white

Price: $18.00

Delicate crystal trails around your ankle and along your foot, supporting a dazzling starfish pendant at your ankle that makes your look luxurious for the seaside and the poolside! Ideal for brides and bridesmaids on a spa day or for giving heirloom lace a youthful, elegant feel, these barefoot sandals also let you take your shoes off to dance while staying fully accessorized for a party.  

The beachy barefoot anklets are handmade with Swarovski elements and smooth, high-quality glass pearl beads on comfortable stretch cord.  (Depending on the fit of your shoes, they might even slide into your peep-toe pumps for a fancier flash!)

Barefoot sandals come as a pair.  When you order your barefoot sandals, please select your U.S. women's shoe size from the drop-down menu. Kids' versions of many designs can be made, too!

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