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The Barmine Story

To add even more romance to your love story, it takes a design with romance in its own story.  Barmine’s designs are the time-honored, trend-proof, love-worthy bridal brand to accessorize every beautiful day.

Let us tell you more about Barmine accessories and why they’re so perfect for you.

Barmine didn’t start in a studio, in a trendy city or a posh marketplace.  Barmine began in designs made for friends, to please a loving husband, then to offer in person to local lovers.

Barmine isn’t for one occasion only.  Barmine is mostly worn for wedding ceremonies – especially destination weddings on lovely, sandy beaches – but Barmine jewels are prized far beyond the wedding day by their wearers.  At upscale day spas and hidden beaches across the world, these designs flash and shimmer with fresh, Bohemian grace.

Barmine isn’t the product of a cold, technical design school.  Barmine is the passion of a woman who spent years following the family trade of law before discovering her heart’s content in creating beauty for others.  When she turned away from weary days of watching marriages dissolve and sought out a life of celebrating new and lasting relationships with her designs, she faced intense family disapproval.  But with the support of her sweetheart, she bore up and stepped boldly into a new life of craftsmanship and loveliness.

Barmine isn’t for only one kind of person.  Barmine is known and loved across the world, to be worn for all kinds of events from the casual to the elaborate.  From America to Asia, from Iceland to the Republic of South Africa, beautiful people have slipped on Barmine jewels to look their most beautiful and feel their most exceptional.

Olga Barmine, the Chief Designer and the entrepreneur who created this brand of loveliness for brides, beaches, and beyond, has this to say about the nature of beauty: “Believe only what your heart feels.  No matter what the world says, sometimes what you say to the world can make it better.”

What will you say to the world when you wear Barmine?  We’re eager to see.