Lotus Champagne Barefoot Sandals

Lotus Champagne Barefoot Sandals

Price: $15.00

Whether you wear them with your shoes or as true barefoot sandals, these elegantly crocheted anklets have a down-to-earth yet romantically elegant air.  They’re crafted with a lovely, macramé-inspired lace triskelion and twist (a real, original handmade design!) so they add a touch of sensory texture to your style.

These lace barefoot sandals go effortlessly from everyday wear to weddings and festivals – and every dance class or beach party in between.  Since they loop over the toe and tie behind the ankle, it’s easy to make them fit just right while you’re on the move, and they’re handcrafted with 100% cotton yarn.

Barefoot sandals come as a pair. One size fits all. Kids’ versions can be made in many designs, too!

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