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Barmine story

Chief Designer Name of the Barmine brand is not a secret. Although, with the story of the brand familiar only the nearest and dearest. Handmade remains everyday passion to the creator and only a few of the secrets you can open.

Barmine is a love test.
The first creations haven’t been produced in a trendy art studio. But in the tourist tent, where the couple of two loving hearts disappeared from the cruel world. He warmed her with his soul and instilled confidence in the future. First items were created only for friends and him.

Barmine is a confrontation.
For a long time crafting was not the profession to the designer. She comes from a famous lawyer dynasty and gets Master of Laws Degree. She had a private practice in a law agency. Courts, divorces and Division of property, partner betrayal almost every day, caused revulsion. Her truly passion was making a beauty and giving happiness.
The family was opposed conquest stalls fashion boutiques. She says: "... it was a very hard time inside my family. My sweetheart was nearby and gave me the confidence that I am on the right way. He supported and inspired me and I am eternally grateful to him."

Barmine is a legend.
Barmine Products are well known and loved around the world, from America to the far East, from the Republic of South Africa to Iceland. They decorate wedding ceremonies, give the brightness of the most beautiful beaches and give love to theloved ones. Yes, the Barmine story is a real love story.
Here are the words of Chief Designer Olga Barmine, who, we hope, will inspire you:
"Believe only what your heart feels. And no matter what the world says. Sometimes what you can say to the world can make it better. "